Bimisi Flex

Stroller with 2-in-1 seat


Travel system with CBX or other branded car seats


From birth up to 15 kg

Bimisi Flex Comfy Grey Bimisi Flex Jeansy Blue

Bimisi Flex

A trendy frame holds a spacious seat unit that reverses to be parent or forward-facing. Turn the seat unit into a prambody to take newborns and small babies from the car into the city. For older children, the reclining backrest offers three perfect positions and the rear wheel suspension ensure a smooth ride for everyone. One seat, two ways to use it: turn the seat into a prambody or keep it as a seat unit.

trendy frame with rear suspension

2-in-1 reversible seat unit/ prambody

3 recline positions

height-adjustable handle bar

adapters for branded car seat group 0+ (included)

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