Kody Cozy Lux

Stroller with reversible seat unit + soft cot


from birth - approx. 4 years

Kody Cozy Lux Comfy Grey Kody Cozy Lux Smoky Anthracite Kody Cozy Lux Crunchy Red Kody Cozy Lux Jeansy Blue

Kody Cozy Lux

The striking frame of Kody, together with the sliding seat unit make this stroller look remarkable. The unique CBX DNA together with some smart features will make you happy. Kody Cozy includes the Kody stroller and an extra soft cot. Kody Cozy is also available in a 'lux' version with leather look details.

Ergonomic lie-flat position

Big wheels with suspension

Travel system with CBX or branded car seats (not included)

Quick release function on all 4 wheels

XXL sun canopy

Soft cot

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